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Eidolon - Sacred Space Part2: Lasting time

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  • Eidolon - Sacred Space Part2: Lasting time

    So there was a fix with today's maintenance: a typo.
    Now it looks even worse?
    Click image for larger version

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    shows it lasts 20sec, but it doesn't? you cast it for 10sec and then it's finished.

    If it's a mere typo and not meant to be consecutive casting, change the cooldown to 20sec and lasting to 10sec, or casting into channeling and cooldown only starts after it's finished (and confirm this).

    However, since many are actually complaining about the skill, it would be interesting to see this skill with a 10sec cast and equal cooldown making it a consecutive cast: actually proper healing skill worthy of Eidolon. Would have a use by then in more occasions than just ladder.
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    Yeah.. I've noticed this as well. It seems to still do the same thing it's always done. You channel it for ten seconds and then when you're done, two seconds later you can cast again. There aren't any healing affects after you're done channeling, so what is this '20 seconds' it says in the description?
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      two seconds later you can re-cast it? tried timing it, came around 6sec cooldown still after the cast finished. The current description is a worse typo than before or the skill isn't working like it should? (continue healing after the cast has been done for a few ticks?)
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        When I first got this skill I was doubtful about how useful it was. By the description I thought it had an induction of 10 seconds before it was cast, then the effect would last 20 seconds. After finally getting and using it, I found this skill completely useless and ineffective. The wording of the skill is completely wrong, we get only 5 heals and we can't cast it for another 10 seconds after. It needs to be fixed desperately. Priests are a great class, until the go eidelon then the only benefit they get is the skill pts and attr. pts.


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          Tested it, regardless of what you're cast speed is, it still cast/channelling for 10 seconds and cool down for 10 seconds = 20 seconds.
          That's what the description meant.
          I'm a support type eidolon priest and i love this skill, 3 aoe heal helps alot when doing ladder. But I wished Sacred Space works just like Holy Light.
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