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sexist remarks and bully tatics

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  • sexist remarks and bully tatics

    how long do we have to put up with sexual comments in world chat .certain players think they can get away with calling people sheep lovers and that is putting it calling like being someones ***** and pimp and many more remarks like this .many on sever are finding this too much to bare.taking all this into
    consideration ,there are many who are 11 and 12 years of age ,maybe younger .i for one am sick and tired of having to see this day in day out . Is there something in terms and conditions about this.Also where is R2 with the staff that used to monitor world chat . bring them back once in a while please . sorry ***** ...b itch

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    I agree. It is out of hand and this has got to stop.
    It is unnecessary, immature, and against the TOS.

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      So let hope R2 will do something about it quick . im going to start taking screenshots of all sexist comments and bullying .its a shame that some are considering leaving cs because of this behaviour


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        GMs don't monitor the servers enough to know what happens on each of our chats. There's too many servers and there's so many other things they need to work on (i.e. responding to tickets, fixing bugs/glitches,etc.) It's best to take screenshots and file a ticket to report the users and put them on the ignore list.


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          oh but the mods just love to stalk me on my server and mute me for swearing once, while others practically have cyber sex in world chat and are allowed to continue doing so. they need to monitor full time or not at all. so many players (cashers and non cashers) have left this game because of the r2 being so dumb. theyre not only upsetting the community but decreasing their income from the game. truly stupid.
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            i agree totaly with you Diablo .its a crying shame that just 1 or 2 can dominate a server ,i have been with this game a long time now ,starting to feel dread when i come on game .so taking all advice on board for you guys and girls will start making a portfolio of this type of chat and send to r2 .dont know why r2 dont get someone from each server as mod .*coughs*someone responsible and impartial .


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              i wouldve gladly applied for that position to be someone monitoring chat and enforcing tos as it should be, until i found out how crooked this company really is, and how little they care about their customers.