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Cant Enter The Game

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  • Cant Enter The Game

    Help me i cannot enter the game with this
    Click image for larger version

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    Last edited by DangerSide; 03-23-2014, 07:59 PM.

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    just wait it's loading
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      **** that LOADING, every change MAP im stuck on the LOADING SCREEN !!! >.<


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        No matter how long i wait it's still like that


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          What if : you play cl? [Crystal Saga]


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            Huh? Please help me fix this


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              how to put the picture in new threads ?


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                my situation is worse, i keep getting stuck loading on almost everything, kept wasting my ladder, bath, TG runs and more coz of it. and the GMs are not doing anything about it


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                  Awww . Top 3 solutions .---.
                  1. Changes browser /Try login into another browser
                  2.(open command > ipconfig/flushdns
                  3. Restart your computer / router

                  > Check tthis thread too .-.

                  Originally posted by serid View Post
                  how to put the picture in new threads ?
                  Click this icon .-. to add image.-.

                  I hope it helps. x-x
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                    Cant Enter The Game

                    Why i cant enter the Game? Only at the Loading Screen and Infinity.. Can u help me how to fix this ?


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                      Loading problem

                      My Tree of Life map is not working, I can only enter if I'll refresh the page and stopping it so I will be able to enter and if I will not do it, the loading will start and hangs at 1 kb/s this is why I will no longer enter Crystal Ladder because it keeps on happening everytime. Please Help.


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                        also me keep loading again and again and again........G.M. please fixed this loading issue


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                          check your cache or clear it sir
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                            SAME PROBLEM here, and i already cleared the cache and all others.. but its stll happening >.<

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                              same here r2 cant get into game for 3 weeks whats going on ?