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Annoyed customer

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  • Annoyed customer

    I've been trying to connect to your server the whole night until now and the only thing that I ended up with is getting to see the loading screen at 0% so far. Please don't start telling that my net is ** coz I tried playing other versions of CS... and you know what they worked damn well fine... Each.One.Of.Them.I.Was.Able.To.Create.A.New.Toon...Now that makes me wonder if its really worth it to cash(I do spent for VIP and such) into your game when I can't even access and play my toon... This is not the first time it happened... Why does it keeps happening again and again?
    The funny thing was it's happening just after you made your maintenance... If you don't want us to play your CS in your server coz you're planning to close it down or something... Please.Announce.ASAP!

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    I haven't been able to get in for days!!


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      It only shows how much r2 appreciates its player-base.... What's the point of a game server that can't be accessed by its gamers at all? Just wondering....