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Can u please fix this?

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  • Can u please fix this?

    Sorry for bother u again GMs but again is a problem with DC, i try everyday cleaning browser, cache etc. Today just change my modem thinking he got the problem, but nope, i still have dc and i know im not the only person with dc, my hubby (also from mexico) have dc at same time than me maybe its the server DNS and many players yesterday in my server (s56) was asking if others players have dc, in our case we have a month with dc every hour. Hope u guys can fix it cuz they do all posibles things to dont have dc also change our modem like i said, is annoying cuz we cant do IoB and grind im stuck at lvl 149 cuz i cant do grind with this problem.
    Thanks for read, hope u guys can fix it soon...

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    if the issue happens every hour its not the game thats doing it, most likely its your isp (internet service provider), it could be happening for a number of reasons such as bad wires between you and your isp, or their servers could be on a hourly reset. literally anything could be the problem, some kind of interference causing a slight interruption in service which would cause you to disconnect from the game. i would suggest calling your isp and ask them if there is anything that they are doing and to stop.

    good luck
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      As unfortunately stated, it's very likely that it's an issue coming from your end. I don't believe we can do anything for you as not everyone is encountering this specific issue of disconnecting [every hour]. I myself almost never DC or experience much lag - I take it it's largely due to the condition of my device and the Internet itself.