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Lvl cap quests

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  • Lvl cap quests

    Hi there!

    I found a very useful page on the cs wiki on the level cap quests (
    But it lacks information on levels 144, 149 and 150.
    I'd like to be prepared (mostly so I know what I can throw out of my inventory actually) for these later quests as well. Is there anyone who remembers the specific items you need for those 3 levels?

    many thanks in advance!



  • #2
    to unlock 149 and 150 u need 10 grand marshall orders each , and 2 other types i cant remember atm but theyre purple ones. u can ditch all the private orders, and the blue and green lvl cap items


    • #3
      Level 144 requires Lieutenant General Order. A good way to remember is that you need one set of order per two levels.


      • #4
        yeah i figured out the order parts just by looking at the charts hehe ^^'
        any info about the insignia parts?

        thanks for answering anyway though!


        • #5
          The insignia required for 144 will be of yellow and purple quality for sure, however I don't recall what they're called. It'll be safe to toss out all green and blue insignias by then as previously stated.


          • #6
            ok! thanks a lot!


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              Oh I had another question on this matter..

              The wiki page states that you need "Insignia of Viceroy (Purple) X 10, Insginia of Mercy (Yellow) X 10, General Order (Purple) X 10" to raise the level cap to 146.
              is viceroy a typo? it's the only insignia i haven't come across so far, the name doesn't fit in with the rest and all others have 2 types of insignia per colour... I guess it should be vigour?


              • #8
                I would assume so, yes.


                • #9
                  ok! thanks again!