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Why Tenet required level 50

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  • Why Tenet required level 50

    hi guys im just curios why tenet interface required level 50? that interface is an OP interface cuz if one hard casher got level 50 and cash for those POW and GPOW he will b shifted from mortal level 50 to level 70 scion in just a minute and everything on his path are just a dead meat because not all player there has a nice stat yet that can stand in a one hit strike of that casher in just a week long since the server open. 1 hard casher can vs a whole server in just a week?doesn't make since to me, how about those player who cash moderately?i mean is there still any chance for them to owned that hard casher without spending as much as that hard casher spend in tenet? and im sure those other interface like chi,fruits,heraldy,beast and zodiac myt get ignored because of that Tenet which makes u a whole beast in one interface and ignore those useless one. Im not again'st the tenet interface im against it's level requirement it's actualy a good interface for some cashers to cash and make it worth but please level 50 is too low level for someone to have that beast kind of stats..i saw a level 50 requirement as a Bug and not a correct requirement. i think those mod and dev should review about this.
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    regardless of the level requirement a "hard casher" will "vs the whole server" anyways. even without the new interfaces the big cashers would cash for soul and other stat increasing boosts. so the whole change the level needed for this interface isnt really anything you should be concerned with.
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      other interface cost 10-20x for a hard casher to acquire a good stats that tenet give.. at least the improvement of that casher is not too much and so fast and still people in server can play fair.. I know anything can b done by a hard casher but this interface has too much stats if u spend about 300$ crystal u myt have 25-28 g pow and can boost ur stats in an instant compare to soul and other interface which u need to spend alot more cash and in game item requirement.


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        ow sorry i used alt acount ^^


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          before people plan to what they want to prioritze in upgrade wings,mount,soul, or weapon but now every people are talking about the tenet, early saving of POW and G POW so that even if u only have phanter mount or glowing wings and 0 soul it can b done all with just one interface and that is tenet.