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I didnt get crystal after paid

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  • I didnt get crystal after paid

    Dear GM of Crystal Saga,

    I have choose the package of 500 crystals. I paid during playing. I paid using molpoints account. After i got the receipt, i checked my crystal balance. its still 0. i tried to restart the game by closing the tab, and opened it again. Still now, i didnt get the 500 crystal. Pls do something about it.

    My ign: PickPocket
    Server: [S72] Moyun MountainClick image for larger version

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    If this is your first time recharge u have to wait 24 hours.

    Don't worry :-)
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      First make sure your transaction was successful. You can confirm so by checking the My R2 section of your account and then viewing your Order History. As stated, first transactions may take up to 24 hours to be fully processed. This means you won't get your goods delivered immediately. If it's been over 24 hours or it was not your first purchase (assuming it was a completed order), file a ticket here: Include the R2 order number and a brief description of the issue.


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        wow, lots of people have this "problem". R2 should put it somewhere stating that if its your first time purchasing that it may take up to 24 hrs.
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          Voila ~

          2. Paid – Never Received Hard Currency

          My credit card was charged, however I have yet to receive anything. What is the problem?
          Your purchase is most likely being processed and verified. If you are still encountering issues 24 hours after your purchase, please file a ticket with customer support, including the following information: R2Games e-mail address, payment e-mail address, order number, payment method, username, in-game name and server name.

          To find your order number, click My R2, located on the official R2Games homepage. You may then scroll down and click the Order History tab to view all recent orders made on the R2 platform. If you are unable to find the order number here, your transaction was not successful. Providing any sort of confirmation e-mails or receipts will also help in resolving your issue.


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            Okay thanks gm. Its my first time recharge Crystal and ive charged VIP on my 1st character name Barrett. It doesnt take this long. Until now still no 500 crystals and first time recharge package. Anyway thanks because response to this issues.


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              Give it 24 hours and if you've yet to receive your crystals and/or first payment pack by then, you will need to file a support ticket and have it forwarded to your toon.