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to players and mods ....

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  • to players and mods ....

    1st to all players : ( specially for players who says that there is a bug in the game or failed to enchant or drop rate , etc )

    before u make a new thread about drop rate like dc or any other item dont forget that day when u got alot of dcs from same runs

    dont forget before u make a new thread about enchanting when u enchanted any equi to very high lvl with out any fail

    to mods :

    well , really how do u think that one who lost some thing can get a screen shot or some one who happened a bug with him
    he can take a screen shot of some thing already happened
    do u think he knows that that bug will happen ?
    iam not saying u should believe any one who says he lost some thing or there is a bug in any thing happened to him
    iam just saying try to find an other way better than screen shot

    at the end :
    1 : sorry for my english instructions if there is some thing wrong ( iam sure there will be some thing ( i mean many things xD ) )

    2 please dont post any thing read the thread and leave like u didnt read nay thing

    thanks for reading

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    Without screenshots, we do not have anything viable to go off, especially when we (the staff) also cannot get said bug to initiate. There's hardly a place we can get without player cooperation and assistance, however there are always other players who are willing enough to provide us with some type of evidence for our reports. It speeds up the process tremendously and to those helpful players, we do thank you. Feel free to file a ticket regarding bugs that doesn't include screenshots, however the procedure for that case will be a lot less slower than if there was something for us to actually work off of. With that said, thank you for posting.


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      I know it is hard ( may be impossible ) with out screen shots but iam just saying how can players get screen shots of things already happened


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        Players who suddenly "lose items" do often file tickets without screenshots. However slow the process as I've already mentioned, the GMs do eventually figure out where the items went, if it's actually a bug, or if the player is crying wolf. Screenshots are preferred, however by no means necessary. You're helping yourself with screenshots, and if one cannot provide them due to the "glitch" already happening, then they will simply need to hang tight and cooperate with the GMs through the other route that lacks evidence. So again, you may file reports without screenshots, but be prepared for a slower process.


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          Oh ok thanks for replaying


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            Im agree there is something with drop rate. When 2x Dungeons event started i was getting 9-12 DC in 13 runs from psycho. Now its like 5 max.