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  • Dear Game Master

    today i bought 500 crystal at official site from unipin
    but my crystal didn't add on my char
    what happend?
    my balance is decreased ....

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    I think it might be best to send a ticket. The first purchase(I'm guessing it's the first purchase since the transaction went through) takes a bit because of the first payment pack. After the first purchase the crystals come relatively quick.


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      Thread moved to General Support.

      If this was your first transaction, it can take up to 24 yours for your goods to be delivered. If it was not your first purchase (or it was and it's been over 24 hours), you can submit a ticket with your order number and the GMs will check on your purchase. Tickets can be filed here:


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        something is bugging me.
        if i recharge at this time, do i need to be online for 24 hrs to wait, or just come back about 24 hrs after?
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          It does not matter if you are online or not. Your crystals will be credited to your account either way.

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