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    When I upgrade my weapon in the Frageron Forge, will the gems I socketed in my weapon stay?

    I am a priest and have a 'Legendary (Earthen) Fragarach Staff l' with 4 shining emeralds socketed in it, when I upgrade it two (ll) will the emeralds still be socketed, or will I lose them?

    Also anyone have tips on how to get Fragarach shards??


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    You will not lose any socketed gems upon Fragarach upgrading.

    The best way to go about obtaining Fragarach Shards is through your own farming efforts. Do your dungeons and farm gems and Purified Crystals in order to synthesize the shards. You will need 3 shining rubies, 3 shining topazes, 2 PCs, and some gold to create one shard. In the event you don't have unbound rubies/topazes, you may exchange other gems to shining coupons and proceed to exchange the coupons to bound rubies and topazes, which will also work.
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