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Hackers or Bots?

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  • Hackers or Bots?

    umm is it normal that in Survival of Fittest a bunch of lv 60 priests like 10 or something move all at same time and get all ranks from guru to rookie and in sof in less than 2 min and more still coming ??i seriously doubt there is someone even playing them or leveled all these to 60 ....i got screen shot but if u still dont believe, please can r2 send a mod or something to our SoF in s72 Moyun Mountain to check these bots and do something about them please..thanks

    for some file size reason i couldnt attach my screenshots so just send a mod there or tell me how to make a screenshot with enough file size
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    In-game issues are out of a forum moderators' jurisdiction. That being said, you may report the bots via ticket here: Include your screenshots, server, name(s) of said bots, and a brief description. The GMs will review your case from there.


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      Since the survival bots were deleted on S13, they are really gone. *thumbs_up*


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	boottt.png
Views:	1
Size:	361.2 KB
ID:	1691675

        there took this shot this morning for fun lol, then this post came...
        Server : Silent Sands(S70)
        IGN : (S70)shinewinter
        Honor : Elector
        Level : Eidolon lvl 56
        Class : Hybrid priest
        Wings : Angel Lord Wing +4
        Mount : Gorilla Titan
        Pets : Volca Tortle and Baby Titan mainly, Ultra Rex backup
        wealth: ._.
        Guild/position: xxBlackOpsxx/ ChiefOfficer
        Guild level: 5

        PK me and I'll break your neck!...that, if I can do it.


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          hahaha thanks shetdong that is exactly what's here in s72 ... hope r2 does something about it really since SoF got valuable rewards


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            As mentioned in my previous post, you will need to report said bots here:


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              Good job Shine
              IGN : (S73) ErrenJagger
              ---//---(S70) Tiwan
              ---//---(S81) Danis
              Server : (73) Green Plains
              -----//----(70) Silent Sands
              -----//----(81)Vidalian Skyway
              Level : (S70) 54
              ----//----(S73) 64
              ---//----(S81) Scion
              Spouse : (S70) FallenAngel

              -------------//--------------YOU CAN HATE ME BUT I CANT HATE YOU--------------//---------------


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                they are bots belong to mall mmo as we guessed


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.png
Views:	1
Size:	169.0 KB
ID:	1691723

                  Not very clear but its the best I got Ill get a clearer picture tomorrow if its not yet fixed


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                    Do review the following:
                    Originally posted by Reverie View Post
                    As mentioned in my previous post, you will need to report said bots here:


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                      I did send a ticket and they said they'll look into it thanks


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                        Nice Job Wify


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                          what is Bots means


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                            Originally posted by shaira16 View Post
                            what is Bots means
                            Bots are kind of like "ghost toons" that abuse the system in various ways. They're illegally programmed to auto-pilot through the game.
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