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13 hours and still no vip pack!!!!!

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  • 13 hours and still no vip pack!!!!!

    Absolutely NO support for Crystal Saga on Ugamehome. I am posting this here because NO ONE has responded to ANY method of contact that I've made - anywhere.

    It's been 13 hours now and they have completely ignored every single form of communication that I've sent. I've e-mailed their sorry "support," I've left a message on the Live Chat, I've posted on their forums, I've messaged an Admin over on the ugameshome page, I've even messaged an admin over here but nothing has been done. I've left MULTIPLE screenshots for them and sent screenshots of my payment screens to everyone involved, including a PM to a GM here. I'm getting really upset about this all. If everyone keeps ignoring me I'll have no choice but to report that they are keeping my money and offering no support to PayPal and dispute the charges to get my money back. I don't want to do that because I've put a lot of time and effort into my character and I enjoy Crystal Saga, very much!

    I've been playing Crystal Saga on Ugamehome since a couple days after they opened that server. You guys need to know about how they are taking our money, not providing the crystals or VIP packs, and then ignoring every effort made to get our items purchased. Several players have already needed to submit complaints with PayPal over goods not received and several others have disputed charges and got their money back. The downside is that Ugamehome is banning players for disputing charges despite the fact that we are paying them and and services are not provided. Ugamehome is really making a mockery of Crystal Saga.

    Their latest stunt involves a VIP pack that I purchased and was not received.

    Ugamehome gives us the option to purchase a VIP pack or crystals for other players. So tonight I purchased a VIP pack for a friend. I followed the instructions to the "T" on this and he did not get the VIP pack. My debit card was charged and not refunded.

    I'm pretty upset and I want you guys to see some screenshots of my payment screens, they have been sent in a PM to an admin here and contain personal information so I will not be posting that here. I request that the admin here please check their PM's I have sent three now and not got a response. They charged my debit account and no VIP pack was provided. Ugamehome gives players the option to purchase a VIP pack for a friend, which is what I have done. I already have VIP pack for my character. I did every thing I was supposed to do to ensure he receives the VIP pack and he still has not. Are you able to please take care of this? I need him to receive the VIP pack but if that is not possible they will need to refund my debit card the $7.99 they charged me. Can you help with that also?

    I used the option to buy a VIP pack for my friend. Ugamehome lets you do this by selecting the friends name, which I did. His name is xenos216. His IN GAME name is Dai, however. Ugamehome does not give the option to select the character's name when purchasing for a friend; you can only select the server then select the friend's name.

    I did not get the VIP pack and nether did he but I am still out of the money. I'm going to need that transfered to him immediately as I did not have an expectation that ugamehome would take my money on a broken page and not provide the service I paid for. But you know, this is getting to be the norm for them. There are other players who are not receiving their crystals, as well, and like I said, they're not offering any means of support to get things like this taken care of.

    My in-game name is Peanut and his in-game name is Dai. This is the receipt information with numbers that you need to correct this situation.

    Here is the information you need to find my payment:

    From the ugamehome recharge history page:
    2012093010094050049g0Lz1 8USD Paypal Recharge xenos216 2012-09-29 19:40 Recharge successful

    From PayPal:
    Karen, you just completed your payment.
    Your receipt number for this payment is: 2545-2131-6310-7045.
    We'll send a confirmation email to This transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal *UGAMEHOME.


    Thank you guys for helping me, I really appreciate it. I don't want to submit a dispute with PayPal over this. I really like Crystal Saga and I want to continue to play - but I don't want to play this if I'm going to be ripped off.