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want to get vip canceld -.-

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  • want to get vip canceld -.-

    as the topic says ... i want to cancel the damed vip ... i wrote an ticked for both wartune acc a few days ago ... never got an answer mail from system and cant see if there are changes to the tickets because i dontknow the damed numbers -.- so wnat to do now ? wrote an second ticket ... and again it tells me i get the ticketnumber via email´... and again no mail on my mail account -.-

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    Have you checked your spam box? Or double check if you wrote the correct email?


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      Some email providers block the mail from support. It's best to use an email address through yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc, if you have problems with support sending you the ticket number.

      Make sure you include the email address linked to your account and the email address you signed up for vip with (if you used paypal, then it's the email you have through paypal) in your ticket.
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