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Divine blood

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  • Divine blood

    If I use the divine blood then breed the pet will it go away or stay?

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    To clarify. I want to breed a pet but if I use the divine blood will the stats transfer.


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      it will stay on this pet you used however if you breed it as secondary you will lose the pet soul . if primary pet > keeps pet soul
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        Thank you masir!


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          Actually tried it and if you upgrade certain pet soul for secondary pet (in phoenix soul for instance), if it increases aptitude or maturity, % of it would transfer to breed (because breeding mainly transfers aptitudes and maturity).


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            ALL Stats in the pet soul are transferred and the soul remains on the PRIMARY pet. If you have anything upgraded in the secondary pet, it will be lost. And any transferable stats in the secondary pet will transfer. Like Betcha715 said, if it increases the maturity or the aptitude then the % that is transferred is based on the stats at breeding, just as skills that increase aptitudes and maturity, increase the total of those numbers, which is taken into account when the % of those stats are transferred during breeding. Same principle.

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