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Support Tickets Won't Send/VIP Won't Let Me Buy

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  • Support Tickets Won't Send/VIP Won't Let Me Buy

    I just tried opening a support ticket 6 or 7 times, but kept getting the same error message: Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again! But there are no errors!

    On the same note: I've been trying to buy VIP for someone, but keep getting the same message: Please view your VIP status by visiting your account order history located in the My R2 section. I assure you, we've both checked our order history and the vip doesn't even show up, just another set of crystals I'd bought her so she could get married. I bought the crystals and vip at the same time.

    We both get the same notice. How can this keep happening? Is it just us, or are other people having issues too?

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    Why don't they get a reply?


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      It's been 3 days now GM?!? Can't we get a response??


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        The support system is working again. I'm not sure if the mods fixed it, or if it was just my laptop. It's a little quirky. No change in the VIP status, though. It's very annoying and she's getting flak from her guildmates because of it. Theirs is working fine, it's just her account.