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Legends of Vidalia (S74)

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  • Legends of Vidalia (S74)

    When is the Legends of Vidalia for S74?

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    The Legends of Vidalia's duration is somewhere between 12-14 days from the launch date of the server if the event is active.


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      Legends of Vidalia

      Is Legends of Vidalia event still active? if so when is it going to be announced in s74?


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        Thread merged.

        I will inquire the GMs about the status of Legends for S74, however if the event is active (there's a good chance that it is), it's not going to "be announced" in your server. The event [automatically] takes place from the launch date of the server and winners will receive their prizes after the GMs confirm their list.

        Confirming that the event is active. Winners will receive their prizes after the event comes to a close.
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          Any updates on it? It's 16 days from server release date....


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            I will poke around to see if there's any updates.