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Need Help i want to purchase 40$ package nid quick response

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  • Need Help i want to purchase 40$ package nid quick response

    GM's i need help i wish to buy $40 package but credit card wont work i have already bought vip but for package not working im from philippines if possible i need a complete info about sending via western union because it is the only way. I need quick response gm's so i can send money ASAP

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    I've never used Western Union to send money to a game, but I do know that it can take 2-5 business days for the money to clear, as long as there was no issues along the way.

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      credit card declined if i use credit card the only way is Western Union cause there are no one selling UGC here in phil


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        my friend try out Western Union took almost 10 days. you should use ultimate game card its easy and fast
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          im from philippines and no one selling here ultimate game card btw bro can u give me the ign of ur friend who use Western Union maybe i ask him how to send


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            Arfaz, you can try this MOL Points.


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              PAYPAL the fastest way