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Gm pls ban him

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  • Gm pls ban him

    from plethuran plains server

    Click image for larger version

Name:	****.png
Views:	1
Size:	83.2 KB
ID:	1732896
    CLASS: Knight
    SPOUSE: Kanna

    GUILD: DeathPenalty
    PET: Demon King
    PLAIN: Scion LvL 80+
    SERVER: Plethuran Plains

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    ban for what exactly?


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      Lol if the gm goes about banning these guys the. U'll find servers empty


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        Originally posted by jeffjeff09 View Post
        from plethuran plains server

        file a ticket please,
        Originally posted by lskbravo View Post
        Lol if the gm goes about banning these guys the. U'll find servers empty
        that would mean there is a large disrespect for the game then an lots of TOS breaking goin on in there then. which shouldn't be happening. plz respect the game and the others who play it. they might not ban ppl right away but they could give people mutes which could eventually lead to bans if they don't respect the game and continue to filter dodge.
        There is a time and a place for everything.
        Prov. Different things are appropriate on different occasions. There is a time and a place for everything, but this formal dinner is not the time or the place to eat with your fingers.
        TOS aka terms of service is something you agree to and are expected to adhere by to be able to use the gm's product. which can be found here
        there is expected to be trash talk in a pvp mmo. just keep it simple like "your blade will rust &falter while i tear you limb from limb in seng" don't need to bring peoples personal life into troll remarks or crude remarks that are inappropriate for younger audiences


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          I dont think theres disrespect for the game, just the people that run it and the people who play it


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            i hate seein this kind of forum post its gonna cause irritation thats common sence
            Server: The Wilterlands

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              The post/behavior is sexually offensive to the player/person mentioned. Player has been dealt with its proper sanction.