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Get to level 150?

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    Originally posted by sdo1966 View Post
    Can anyone tell me what the orders/insignias needed to raise level cap to 150 are? I can find info for up to 149 but not 150! Thanks
    In order to open level 150's cap, you will need 10 Grand Marshal Orders, 10 Insignia of Vigours, and 10 Insignia of Justices.


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      Thanks Reverie!! thats about what i figured it would be
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        Originally posted by Reverie View Post
        Drop tokens affect all drops from any type of mob. The only target said tokens do not have any affect on are bosses. The theory that these tokens do not work (on orders or mobs in general) is simply another myth.
        It might be a myth but anytime I've used x2 drop tokens, my drop rates have gone down. Just my own personal experience, take it or leave it.