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Failed to connect to server

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  • Failed to connect to server

    Well what happened??server crashed??? inside DC omg...Game master do something please...

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    Originally posted by Marokun View Post
    Well what happened??server crashed??? inside DC omg...Game master do something please...
    There's nothing they can do, can you access the server now or is it closed? IT may in fact be your internet connection but without knowledge of the servers status you can't be sure
    Server: The Wilterlands

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      Still can't connect to don;'t have this kind of problem?


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        Thread moved to General Support.

        Which server are you from? I will test it to see if there are any issues.


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          s37 please do something


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            It seems the server may be acting up as my testing also resulted in a "Failed to connect to server!" message. I will forward the issue to see what's going on.


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              S49 failed to connect to server


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                Originally posted by daffodoll View Post
                S49 failed to connect to server
                I have reported this server also. Are S37 and S49 merged?
                Last edited by Reverie; 08-12-2014, 04:43 AM.


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                  S61,s49 s37 and s17 were all merged with others and are all fail to connect

                  But S74 bloody Maplewoods is ok, so it appears to be just S61 and all the merged servers that are down
                  Last edited by daffodoll; 08-12-2014, 04:49 AM.


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                    Thank you -- the server's issue is currently being looked into.

                    The server is now up and running.
                    Last edited by Reverie; 08-12-2014, 04:57 AM.


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                      OMG?..again dc in psychoo n faield to connec.t...all my dc gone..i just saw it on the floor

                      NO,the problem is coming back...huhu...Not true
                      Last edited by Reverie; 08-12-2014, 05:41 AM. Reason: Posts merged.


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                        Problem is still there. Failing to connect to server.


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                          I have reported the server once more.


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                            lol the dc is not urs until u pick it up but since it was left on the floor it belongs to no-one, cant really say all your dc gone.


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                              Cannot Enter

                              It always says Failed to Connect to Server
                              I am certain that I have sufficient internet speed and it is not poor

                              Pls fix thanks