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Rebirthing to Scion

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  • Rebirthing to Scion

    Is it smarter to rebirth at lvl 100 than lvl 80 to scion? (Im talking about the attributes and skill points)

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    The attributes and skill points are fixated, regardless of which level you choose to rebirth at. The only benefit to rebirthing later is that you're able to continue farming latter dungeons and reap the rewards of events that have level restrictions.


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      Thanks for the reply Rev


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        Originally posted by Ezra_Abdiel View Post
        Is it smarter to rebirth at lvl 100 than lvl 80 to scion? (Im talking about the attributes and skill points)
        As Reverie said no difference in the attainment of attributes, however leveling to 100 instead could give you a chance to prepare for scion or giver you time to work on a soul, frag or any other goal you want to work for before reaching scion


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          Actually it might be better to rebirth at 100 (or at least after 95), since you can get the blue monster handbook quest really easy as a mortal. If you abandon that to rebirth you can't get it back without going through a lot of hassle with tickets, and getting lucky enough to have a GM fix it for you. That said if you haven't received the Killing for the Handbook 1 quest yet then yeah, go ahead and rebirth at 80.


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            There is actually no "luck" involved with retrieving abandoned Monster Handbook quests via ticket. The GMs will manually implement the quest to players who request so.


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              Well I'd meant luck more in how long it takes than will it be done. That said all of my info about the process is 2nd hand anyway, since I was already Eidolon when monster handbook was released, and so never abandoned the quest.