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Seed of Life is broken.

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  • Seed of Life is broken.

    I've heard from other players so I know its not just me. I accepted the seed of life after the reset, turned in and went to accept the quest again and all that was visible was the 1 50+ quest option. I looked in my event tab and it says 1/2 for seed of life ( I"m lvl 96 and vip). Is this a change to seed of life or can we get this fixed?

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    It means you still have a seed somewhere in your inventory. And if you accept the quest after reset, it counts as the next day's quest which is why it's now 1/2.
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      If you are a VIP then you should look in the VIP it should look like 2/3 right?
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        50+ quest option
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Seed of life 50+ quest.jpg
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        Do you mean this?

        If yes, click the Seed of Life (Lvl 50+ Daily Event)

        After clicking, this will pop

        Click image for larger version

Name:	inside the 50+ quest.jpg
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ID:	1661680

        There are your choices.
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