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Unable to connect

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  • Unable to connect

    Is there an issue with the server right now? I refreshed and now I can't reconnect.

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    Tried both accounts and I can not login.....
    Server: Kaymo Mountain
    Character: Chamile
    Class: Hybrid Mage Eidolon Lvl 150
    Guild: (S3)Legends Senator
    Spouse: (S3)T3TSU

    Other games : R2 Dragon Pals
    Character: PlayerTwo
    Guild: Hunters Officer
    Spouse: PlayerOne

    "We don't necessarily discriminate. We simply exclude certain types of people."
    -- Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC Instructor


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      it's fine with me on Angel Island. I'm just not going to refresh just in case, but it would also dc me when i switch areas of the map if it was a system error
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        I keep getting stuck at 87% got dc trying to leave guessing game map, now cant get past 87% loading....zzzzzzz

        2 other chars on same account load no problem, just this one i want wont freakin load


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          It keeps doing failed to connect while loading character list. I can't enter the twilight caverns server, why is this?


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            You made us miss the crypt that we love so much, as well as avernal and probably gotor too.. that's so much loss in a day ! WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!
            Who needs a KOS list?
            I just simply kill everyone I see


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              Server: S54 - Netheran Realm
              IGN: Goddess
              Level: 52 Scion
              Guild: Undisputed
              Spouse/Partner: Aren
              Class: Hybrid Priest

              Took a years break, now I'm on S66...yippie!