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Legend of Vidalia [S117] Shimmering Coast

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  • Legend of Vidalia [S117] Shimmering Coast

    • Character Level Ranking 1: EruKleinhart
    • Character Level Ranking 2: Xeilon
    • Character Level Ranking 3: Kyrian
    • Character Level Ranking 4: Shadow
    • Character Level Ranking 5: XuXu
    • Character Level Ranking 6: Mikue
    • Character Level Ranking 7: AsieSie
    • Character Level Ranking 8: DancingRain
    • Character Level Ranking 9: Lchazz
    • Character Level Ranking 10: NicaChu
    • Gold Ranking (#1 in Wealth Ranking): EruKleinhart
    • Honor Ranking (#1 in Honor ranking): EruKleinhart


    Click image for larger version  Name:	giphy.gif Views:	1 Size:	236.4 KB ID:	1953916

    Note: Disbursement of rewards will not immediately follow. This announcement is for documenting purposes
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    Thank you very much KanaDT
    Yay on ranking
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      Originally posted by johnnywantbigboom
      Yay on ranking
      Beat me by a bit x.x
      Btw thanks hun for the posting, appreciate it
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