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New Server.... MSG for the Developers

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  • New Server.... MSG for the Developers

    Hi Developers this post is mostly to the game masters, developers and support.
    This game is amazing but with one small thing you are putting boundaries on the game so not every one can enjoy playing the game.
    If you ask how you doing that and how that effects players let me explain:

    Since you are based in America you created server (76 servers) with US time East and West, but just check how many players were connected form Europe, Australia, NZ and many more countries far from US ,
    Time Difference doesn't allow us (The Players) to do events i talk for myself now back when S1 Aurora came out i was upon one of the first who logged in and started playing but all the events were between 3 am - 8 am and some around 2 pm which
    it was impossible for anyone who got a job, uni, and choruses to be awake at 3 am doing quests .
    All i am asking and i asked so many times is create ONE that's all i ask ONE AUSTRALIAN TIME ZONE SERVER which will allow us Australian to play the events like normal people and don't feel like zombies anymore

    Thanks in advance...


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    Thread moved to Server Forums.

    Unfortunately, this request cannot be met. R2's Crystal Saga caters to American timezones only, however there are other sites licensed to host servers that are more suitable for players from other countries.