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    Hello everyone, I just came back to the game after many years and I'd like to know which PvE servers are the most populated.
    I'd like to play in an active server otherwise it would be pretty boring being on my own all the time ><

    Thank you for the help!

  • #2
    Are you gearing towards an East or West PvE server?


    • #3
      Currently I'm playing in a East one but I don't mind playing in a West one either, I just really want it to be active x)


      • #4
        The largest PvE East server is server group [S12, S14, S18, S21, S22, S23, S27, S33, S36, S40, S42, S45, S50, S54, S60, S62, S64, S66, S68, S70, & S72], so their population is presumably higher than later servers.

        For PvE West, the largest is server group [S13, S17, S26, S32, S37, S41, S49, S61, S63, S65, S67, S69, & S71].

        Granted if you do decide to join these older servers, you may be left out regardless as OP players have since found their niche in events (E.G. It isn't unusual for Sengolia to end within the first minute and so forth).


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          Don't be so afraid of PvP - most of the guild wars are over on the older server groups.


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            Thank you for your help!
            I'll give those a try to see how it goes ^^

            @R2553437 maybe i'll give pvp servers a go aswell, I'm not sure what the diferences are