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Christmas Clothes Giveaway! for S48 Server Group

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  • Christmas Clothes Giveaway! for S48 Server Group

    Entry will end in 13 days then will randomly draw a winner with the sites feature to pick from one of entries, you can get multiple entries in different ways, some are daily!
    Please put in the character with S# you would like me to trade clothes to once entry is closed and winner selected when the gleam app asks for a name to comment
    when it asks for full name&email to notify of winning still put character name(will still get a notification in your inbox from the app you won regardless of name choose when asks for real name-don't need or want real name lol)

    Female set:
    [Christmas Nightcap (F)][Christmas Pajamas (F)] -1 EACH
    [Adorable Christmas Outfit (F)][Adorable Christmas Hat (F)] - 1 EACH

    Male set:
    [Christmas Pajamas (M)][Christmas Nightcap (M)] - 1 EACH
    [Adorable Christmas Hat (M)][Adorable Christmas Outfit (M)]- 1 EACH


    in app will have these ways to do things (do them in the app for it to count please, if already did or do follow one of the pages unfollow on regular page then refollow through the app please to get entries for it most likely

    +8 Per day Comment on:::::::::::::: or least should be daily lolz

    Unlock 136 more entries &daily entry earning ability by commenting with character name in the app.
    +25 Follow shadowgammad on
    +10 Visit Crystal Saga on Facebook

    +25 Bonus entry for my subscribers

    +60 Bonus entry for R2 subscribers

    +8 per day Summon Odin in FFXIII

    +8 a day to listen to serahs theme song ;p

    Picture Preview:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	null.jpg
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ID:	1779908

    Click image for larger version

Name:	email.jpg
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ID:	1779909

    Click image for larger version

Name:	timer.jpg
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Size:	78.0 KB
ID:	1779910

    One Winner will be selected from male clothes, one entry from female(don't have to be a male / to enter the female/male stuff etc esp if play a male/female char)

    might be able to do more in different ways in few days ;p hope everyone having fun!
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    few days left^_^ 3 to for lol. enter while can!

    Recently did a giveaway where gave people the option of choosing whatever pair or pieces clothes in shop they wanted 1x each to make a set.

    Currently have a raffle going in twitch stream

    Follow the link to the stream and type "!Raffle S#CharacterName" into the stream chat like this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	entry.jpg
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Size:	13.6 KB
ID:	1723329

    Loads full stream

    Loads just the chat

    only have enough to let one more person pick a set or custom set of clothes in shop of whatever pieces desire for 1k crystal then also choice of male or female christmas costumes that were recently released!

    here's a picture of selection of christmas clothes ;p,

    Person who is drawn live in stream from the bots raffle to show fair and live draw will be able to choose a body and head piece from the ones displayed here
    Click image for larger version

Name:	winner options.jpg
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Size:	12.0 KB
ID:	1723328

    Will also be able to select the two pieces want from shop(can only do this once more at the moment then will do reduced raffles of just christmas clothes that don't get selected by this last raffle winner

    ---updates to prize pool will come after next winner is drawn in few hours in another post
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      twitch giveaway done ^_^ Rebel girl and Kitty won!