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(S26) FreeDom - They who are brave, are free!

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  • (S26) FreeDom - They who are brave, are free!

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    They who are brave, are free!

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    Welcome to the FreeDom thread. Here you can find more information of our guild, as well as how to join it.

    FreeDom, as the name itself says it's a free guild open for anyone who wants to enjoy the game around nice and cool people. We are constantly helping each other. Our guild has a friendly environment where anyone can fit and will feel like "there is no place like FreeDom".

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    Guild Name: (S26)FreeDom
    Guild Level: Lvl. 7
    Guild Members: 139
    Guild Master: (S26) Elly
    Guild Reserves: 52S 44B
    Guild Stone: 34

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    In order to join the guild, you may post here with your nickname and one of our recruiters will contact you. They will talk, play a while and meet you a little bit more to check if you have the profile to join the guild. We have no minimum requirement os special requirements. Or either you can try to look for one of the members in game and request to join.

    Last Update: June, 22nd 2013.
    Nick: (S13) Awnia
    Class: Hybrid Priest
    Title: Dragon Slayer
    Level: 4x
    Guild: (S26) FreeDom
    Angelicghost apprendice.

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    Guess i should at least say hello since someone went through all the trouble to make this thread. iI am Elly the guildmaster of FreeDom. If any need to contact me best to try in game. I prefer to figure things out for myself so don't often visit forum. I will try to periodically check and answer any questions or to address any concerns as i know we all dont keep the same schedule. If you cant find me on try after guessing game as i try to hit guild exp then to stack with segnior. i am sometimes late since i work until about that time but i will be there i promise. Happy hunting: )


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      hi master
      They told me that to make you fall in love with me, I had to make you laugh...
      But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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        well i thought this was a silly idea...this is the last time i will be checking forum...bye bye