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The Battle Of Alll Server

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  • The Battle Of Alll Server

    battle of US west PVP vs US east PVP vs west PVE vs US east PVE

    All SErver can battle 1 time battle every 2 week

    and all player can battle in that

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    Cross Server Sengola? XDXDXD~ / Or Cross Server Arena? / cross Server War? XDXD It'll be laggy, like laggy. like really lag . .-.
    I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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      Although it would be an entertaining idea, there's no way they're going to implement this. Having to merge/transfer hundreds of accounts for a repetitive event is just not going to happen. Server merges alone take hours, because there's just too much data to cross over.