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(s71) pvp east needed asap!!!!!

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  • (s71) pvp east needed asap!!!!!

    I know a ne server has been released like 2 - 3 weeks ago but it was pve.. on s70 i have read and heard a buntch of complaints about it bing pve.. i think a new pvp east server is in high demand rigt now r2games if you can readthis heed the call of us layer .. we would really appreciate it very much. pve is not much of a challenge.. pvp is and thats what us players like a challenge.. and prolly sme new events or something. so far i have read over 100o+ messages in worldchat that ppl want a new pvp server. and i agree with them. hope its soon we allwisha nd hope to ge.. thank you r2 for reading this.. an have a nice day

    sincerely Wicked
    Crystal Saga
    IGN: Wicked
    Class: Rogue
    rank: ???

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    +1 to this many players I know are also waiting for a pvp server.
    Originally posted by iTz_SoN
    I will murder everyone I see in GR regardless of level.
    I treat all players equally - so they all die.


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      took me a sec to read, but it is time. Time for R2 to react. Not just this topic, but on all topics.


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        +1 by me, I am also waiting for new sever (S71)