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Kongregate Server Merge

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  • R223243970
    started a topic Kongregate Server Merge

    Kongregate Server Merge

    We need a server merge over on kongregate suggestions on this would be merging all servers together to breath new life into crystal saga or maybe if it is at all possible which to me would be the best option merging kongregate with r2 main servers maybe have it set up where kong players still log in from kong that way you can still get new players from kong but they then enter a r2/kong merged server.
    please consider this as our servers have been dieing out for along time now any help on this is very much appreciated
    Last edited by R223243970; 04-22-2014, 03:09 AM.

  • Gimblewart
    ^ this'd be good, instead of recurring people who just move to other servers and rejoin on merge.. breathe of fresh air r2!

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