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The return

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  • The return

    hi for all friends of zensho that remember of me. well some ones maybe already noticed that I'm coming back. some ones not, for the ones that dont know me I'm xalnaga, and after 2 years of inactivity I'm coming back now, the things will be a lot hard in some points and easy at others. I'm just telling everyone for they know that now I'll be playing at zensho. I'll do my hard work again but I'm creating an new char, some ones maybe are thinking(him is crazy to create a new char at an old serv even without an maxed main char for help) well my old char still alive kkk, so some help, and my old and new friends are giving me some help at this return. well and I'll be here at the forum with my great open mind for events suggestions, well I dont lose an oportunity for suggest an new event that I got in mind kk, so... well thats all kkk, its all that I can say kkkk.

    by: Xalnaga
    our world is like an sky, and we are like birds, just need to open our wings and dance in the blue ocean, open your wings and fly now.