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Requesting a new US East PVP server.// S67

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  • Requesting a new US East PVP server.// S67

    Hello, I would like to ask for a new US East PVP server, since the past 8 servers were PVE. We've been waiting for a long time....

    I myself and a few other friends of mine are planning to play on the next East PVP server (and cash), and I'd bet there are plenty more people who want a new East PVP server.
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    Waiting for a East PVP server!

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    I support that :3.


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      Good idea . 3 months waiting for PVP SERVER.


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        Originally posted by R232410714 View Post
        Good idea . 3 months waiting for PVP SERVER.
        3 months huh ? I've been waiting for almost a year now -_-
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          more than a year now....plz new pvp east server


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            I've been letting the staff know there is a demand for a new PvP server, and I've reminded them of that demand the last two times I got the details of a new server launch. And I'll make sure they see this thread too.
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              Thank You very much R2CS Stormaggedon. You are the man. Finally a genuine answer and helping hand indeed along we all thankful for Moderators and GMs who helped us. Hopefully we can have a new pvp east server soon. I for sure many players itching to play and cashing.