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How do I find Out What Server I'm on?

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  • How do I find Out What Server I'm on?

    I'm playing Crystal Saga thru and it just says gave three options for server. One I click on is New: English ? Is there a place in game I can find my server? Ty

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    On Kabam, when you click Crystal Saga, it should say Last:English/French for you to click on. If it does not say this you might want to make sure that you were actually playing on Kabam. Also, if your toon was not of a certain level, it never had any crystals, and it had been past a certain amount of time, then your character might have been automatically deleted. The level for deletion is very low. I believe it is level 20 or less. If that is the case, then it would not really be an issue in you creating a new character. If you still think that your character was lost for none of these reasons then please file a ticket and have the status of your account checked.

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