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i dont get my weapon +11 with 200 DC +

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  • i dont get my weapon +11 with 200 DC +

    i use 200+ DC and don't pass of +9 and is a sacrifice for i get DC

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    Unfortunately, chance is the name of the game. Some enchantments are just luckier than others; just keep trying. Good luck.


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      Pretty much and each person has some sort of technique going about it which include:
      1) Using 12-28 at a time for dc so it's a couple of tries here and there.
      2) Rapid clicking (I find this super risky xP)

      What I do is save up 250 DC(if possible) then enhance if you're doing multiple enhancement run(ie going to perf X.) This way you should hopefully have left over and need less to get to 250 again. Thus the other two tries I like to do are (at tol l5):
      1) after +4, count to 10 seconds in between. I use 10 Mississippi. If it fails just try to get to +4 using other stone, then try again.
      2) When you're 2 away from where you want to be. Do the same as above(waiting 10s between) then do a double click on enhancement.

      Other superstitions include:
      1) Taking off all gems before enhancing. It's a theory that the gems lower the success rate.
      2) Go to a secluded place with sperion and wings off to reduce any type of lag.

      Hope any of the above can help and hope you get to +11 soon =]