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Survival of the Fittest

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  • Survival of the Fittest

    I've came to realize that the prizes for even winning this event have been so outdated that no one bothers to even go in this map.

    I would just like to suggest if maybe, prizes can be renewed to something more demanding:
    Great Pearl of Wisdom
    Strange Energy
    *some type of zodiac chest* (gives random zodiac shard)
    Patron Tribute
    Decent amount of upgrade wings (not Heroic)
    Gold Dragon Coin

    The prizes that I have seen for guru medals are pretty depressing. 5 Great Mount Upgrade Tokens for 1 Guru Elite Medal is like being able to have one attempt to upgrade mount every week and a half. People would rather make alts, level them to lv30, give them a battle bear, and obtain more upgrade tokens in a shorter amount of time. Money wouldn't even be an issue, as normal Mount Upgrade Tokens usually sell on average 10-15s ea (and this is an average from S94).
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    5 G.MUT is enough considering some players memorize the route to the end and finish it under 3minutes. Most of the items you listed are too expensive to be given in an easy event.
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      Correction, but lvling an alt is one thing, but claiming g.muts from the event master is another, lvl 45 is the exact lvl to claim, and also, i somewhat agree and disagree, most people like myself, are okay with the rewards, with obtaining pet rebirth scroll and fire lord eggs are some things that can't be obtained easily.