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Chamber OF Fate Hoarder

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  • Chamber OF Fate Hoarder

    This is a common problem for many scion players who can't use a lot of aoe skill, I would get the hoarder boss at least 1% in the matter of a minute but then it takes like 10 mins to even kill it if no one comes into the room and kill it. I know this is suppose to stop people from abusing hoarder room, but some of us can't even kill hoarder boss now because of its stupid disadvantage. I have seen from a strong priest only needing curses to kill hoarder, but for a rogue like myself, it is utterly stupid because Blade Sweep don't even kill it, just slightly prevent it from regenerating health back. Please fix this problem so that some of us, rogues or knights, maybe rangers and beastmaster, can kill it.

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    If you're a rogue then simply use Assassin's Thrust Lv5. It ignore 100% def so the skill does it's actual damage. In other words, hoarder is a 1 shot if u have over 20k+patk with Assassin's Thrust lvl5
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      Also aoe's don't give an advantage on hoarders. Priest curse can kill it b/c it ignore the targets def and blade sweep doesn't


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        As a Mage ive only found 1 of my skills actually damages it and i have to wait for a LONG call down time, my nooby healer alt can kill it in seconds...

        Follow up:
        My AoE does not benefit me at all