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Magic Mine

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  • Magic Mine

    Let me make this clear, you have an event that gives good stuffs, but there aren't many strong players that do magic mine and can take down the magic mine leader, especially during Island of Blessing. Also, it's annoying that when a person run away out of the mine leader's area, they reset its health. Can't there be a separate area for magic mine bosses, so that people can't keep reseting the boss hp and/or make it so you have to be a certain level to enter because a lot of players that do fight the bosses get the packs taken by low level mortals that don't even help kill the bosses.

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    I agree we have plenty of people who could kill it who abstain due to this, it also WRECKS armour and therefore is very difficult for people to kill without being OP. Overall what would sort the problem is if the one who kills it, gets the loot, it would at least sort soem of the problem out


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      I agree on moving the boss , but the loot let it be FFA seen many simply go die at it so that it gets distracted and ppl can go kill it :P