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An End to Server Creation and Merges

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  • An End to Server Creation and Merges

    I have an idea for the developers to adopt that would make Crystal Saga enjoyable for new players on even the most experienced servers. This will assure that new players can comfortably stick to the server of their choosing, thus the need to merge servers due to the dwindling player numbers will be a thing of the past.

    Most players quit after the first few Scions appear, as majority of the game's players are still mortals with almost no chance of taking on an experienced Scion. Then when the Eidolons appear, its like most of the players just vanish and give up because they aren't strong enough to take on the Eidolons in PvP.

    There is an answer to this, and that is to have tiered battlegrounds. Meaning, in the battlegrounds, you will only fight people around your level. I have a suggestion for the way the levels need to be tiered as well.

    Level 20-79 Mortals will be tier one.
    Level 81 Mortals - Level 30 Scions will be tier two
    Level 31 Scions - Level 30 Eidolons will be tier three.
    Level 40+ Eidolons will be tier four.

    Lets say the first people to Level 40 Eidolon is unable to do the battleground since no other players have reached that level. Tiers 4 and 3 would then merge. The same would happen for tiers 1 and 2.

    This lets new players enjoy the thrill of battling, and they'd actually stick to the newest servers even if there were Eidolons everywhere. There would also be Mortals everywhere. It lets everyone enjoy the game, and the servers would then no longer run out of players, as the new people would all be fighting each other at the same time the experienced players would be fighting each other.

    However, this should only be the case for battlegrounds. In a PvP area, anyone should be allowed to kill anyone. But there should be a passive mode players can toggle on and off so they can choose if they want to PvP or not (I haven't played this game in forever and I'm pretty sure something like this exists already, but its whatever).

    I came back to the game to the newest server to find it full of Eidolons, but saw a few new players as well. Surely enough, I didn't stand a chance against any Eidolons in PvP, so there was no point in playing if it'd take me months to even come close to these high levels.

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    In CS lvl does not mean power so you cant classify players on the basis on that


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      Originally posted by diablu View Post
      In CS lvl does not mean power so you cant classify players on the basis on that
      so true, u only need to be lvl 50 to kill everything

      (Tenets requirement is lvl 50

      go buy dem gpow and go broke irl cuz rl sux and cs is life m8
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        Originally posted by diablu View Post
        In CS lvl does not mean power so you cant classify players on the basis on that
        Agreed,however i have an alternative solution to the same problem. R2 could stop intorducing CASH ONLY or even MILLIONARE ONLY systems (such as Handbook and Banner fusion). They could (instead of creating new servers) promote old servers giving away (bound) but good rewards to help strengthen newer players. At the moment, we've lost alot of the stronger players and the mortals cant possibly compete with the remaining elite. What needs to happen is the game needs to become interesting and fun. A return to good and DIFFERENT weekly events is pretty much the central part to this. This may attract old players back, but also keep new ones entertained and strengthen them (if rewards are good). A final merge should take place now, combining ALL servers for each time zone for PVP and PVE. This game cannot be sustainable for R2 if the creation of Cash only systems and a of New servers (which dont often attract new long-term players) continues. There is also much missing from the game as far as dungeon loot (being far too basic in all dungeons) and vault and pack being far too small. This makes it difficult for players, which at this stage, can have drastic implications.

        As an additional point, Cash systems don't benefit anyone in the way in which they have been implemented. Players will be less tempted to cash, if it is a cash only system. A system that is possible without cash (that does of course become longer and harder to improve) would make people cash to reduce the time and effort needed. It also creates a bonus to those who stay and do their dailies in order to compete better in the system. Holy Favour is an excellent example of a system such as this
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          I kill ppl 80 lvls above me o.o lvl tier events wont work

          and there will be those players who will feel the need to make an alt strong just so he/she can own the event and kill all the actual mains
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