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Lvl Balancing

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  • Lvl Balancing

    As you may know , being in events like sengolia or g.resource battleground it´s just impossible for newbies , people or chars that are not even scion can´t enter these places and so many more
    because of the end-game eidolons or scions that don´t let them play freely. Can´t it be like dragonspire or so where u get divided to meet only classes that are more or less ur lvl? Or do we have to grind
    lvling up until we can face these bulies?

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    I doubt dividing events like seng for example into lvl requirements would help because your level doesn't justify your stats, you could be lv 60 scion who has millions of attack or health. If you joined an older server and that's why you're having these problems I'd suggest going to a new one where it would be more balanced for you, or just use constantly dying as motivation to get stronger which worked for me. Sometimes you can get a few laughs because those "bullies" who quit and end up coming back when you get stronger complain about you constantly killing them and especially when they're to ignorant to even remember killing you all the time, karma bites em in the ***...or maybe I just love a good revenge story
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