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non-tradable items to tradable

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  • non-tradable items to tradable

    please make some non-tradable items like soul shard become tradable .
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    Originally posted by jaycee95 View Post
    please make some non-tradable items like soul shard become tradable .
    That's a stupid idea tbh. People would just abuse that completely. Multiple ladder runs with piloted accounts with a full party of lvl 30 alts. Bringing multiple toons to iob, having a **** ton of alts in avernal. Then they'll over price the easy 700+ ss they just got in a day to the weak players who cant do that. Even if they did make it unbound they'd make them bound again before the weak players have a chance to get stronger and take advantage. Pretty much happened with the 150 map and what happened? A high number of people quitting, that's what happened lol. Like 38% of my server quit after that
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      yes dumbest idea ever. may as well ban this guy this post shouts I'm an alt abuser haha.
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        seriously that's the worst idea I've seen so far, like come on