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Scrap the Xmas events

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  • Scrap the Xmas events

    The scenery is annoying in SG seeing how the trees and xmas tree dominate the where the shops should be. Also, the events are just ****, the only updates u do to them are to the rewards which isn't even worth the 5 day wait. The Christamas Gift Pack requires like 2k starlit holly's? and can only be received on Xmas day? I'd benefit more from getting 25QT(if we had the regular weekly events) in that 5 day wait seeing how the items in the box aren't even worth 5 days of waiting. and the Mini Xmas packs are straight up trash. Xmas is the time of giving. If u don't want to be giving, don't give us this ******** excuse of an event. I hate the weekly recycled events but at least I can farm and stack up QT O.o Scrap the xmas events if they're going to be the same events we've had for years. Just a suggestion and I'm sure it would save them some time too.
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