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More Space ?

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  • More Space ?

    I am not sure if this has ever been suggested or even possible to do but here is a idea from a noob

    ok we have a total of 4 vaults in the game

    1 equipment vault in sg

    2 reg vault in sg

    3 there is a vault in champions bluff

    4 another vault in tree of life

    now vaults 2 thru 4 are all the sames so is it possible for r2 to add a 2nd vault in tree of life and make it to where only unbound or bound items can be placed in it ?

    therefore separating what vault we can put unbound and bound items in this would help immensely with storage problems that we are all having now
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    we need more space to save stuff...they keep making new system that we need get some stuff but they forget that our space is very limited so would be good if devs make more space for us we need more space in bag too so would be great if they think in all of us that farm many stuff all stuff in other toon is not good the best way is the make for us more space...grateful


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      i need more space on vault items . i dont have wjere to put my items . i put some items on a alt , but dear of R2 decide to delete my alt with items , but a other alt lvl 45 not was delete ( i dont use that alt lvl 45 from 4-5 month ) . where to put my items now ? finish page 3 on items vault , and maybe make page 4 ( if you still lose some time to create this change ) also more 2-3 page on inventory will be great .
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        Gosh, yes. More space is desperately needed.


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          How do we go about asking for more Vault space also bag space?


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            its been years since they added additional pages on those inventories(gonna be a decade less couple of yrs), yet lots of new item. R2 really need to give Crystal Saga 1 more space for items barely have 1 page left had to throw everything in every dungeon boss or in middle of void/relics just to get the items. even temp space is all used up.
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              More inventory space please.
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                We badly need backpack space ffs . I need to farm green-blue-purple fruit materials . I cannot farm them because my backpack is full of bound items/items that cannot be placed in vault . Please