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Item storing

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  • Item storing

    It´s no secret that we don´t have enough inventory space but I feel like simply giving us more pages in our inventory wouldn´t be enough to entirely solve the problem. As it is right now a lot of long time players have quite a few toons just to store items which does create problems. With the recent "rollback issue" many players have lost items that they know they´ve lost but they can´t exactly stell how many items were lost.
    My idea would be to remove the need to store certain types of items completely and make them go into a seperate storage that has no limitations on it.
    Items that could go in there:

    Items required for things you can use to upgrade certain aspects of you toon. E.g. soul, mounts, wings, pixie, chi, bloodlines, enchanting items, shards for item synthesis. And if possible also magic tower items, gems, codex pages, items for polish, heraldry items and fruit formulas.
    This would cut down the requirement for alt storaging massively as there won´t be alts running around with several thousand or ten thousand items of one kind. The worst offenders in this case are bound items that you want to use but currently can´t and likely won´t be able to in the next few months so they keep piling up, extra points if they can´t be place in your vault. It would be nice to actually have some space to store stuff on my main toon again as I doubt that it´s the puplishers goal to force us to use alts for storage.
    And well, being able to trade items from this kind of storage would be kinda necessary as placing items from there in the shop would be.
    (more inventory space would be cool regardless)

    Positive effect: Players have an easier time keeping track of their items in case something goes wrong and the requirement for alt storage would go down by a good margin.

    Negative effect: As the idea is right now it would require work from the devs working on this game (when I say devs I do mean the developers and I don´t know who is currently developing this and the publishers would have no direct income from this sort of chage as it is presented here. (I do however believe that this change would increase player satisfaction overall and would have an indirect effect on some other player behaviour).
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