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    Some suggestion to gm
    1)Mailing system
    2)World maket
    4)Time problem for asia


    As far as i think there must be a mailing system , because trade or talk only happen when peoples are online but if mailing system is there they can mail each other ...........
    Like if i have a present or something for him i just mail that item to him and when he login he recive it it help people to communicate and be friends

    In mailing system we can add paymail,
    Now i clear about paymail by example

    There is and Mr.yyy.
    Mr.yyy is scammer or we can say a fraud he takes thing but dont give them money.

    If there is paymail it could avoid scams like this-

    Mr.yyy promise to that he give money for abcd item if there is no paymail and given item to him and got scammed

    Now if there is paymail the story would be like this given item by using paymail , so now if the mr.yyy want item in the mail he have to pay the price of the item if he dont ,after 24 hours the mail will be resended to he payed the mail will be open and money will transfered to

    like this if there is a mail system it can avoid scams like above


    As we can see now in 100%
    there are
    60% buying trading selling(related to market)
    25% party to vault ,bath etc(making parties)
    15% normal chat

    As we can see above the people are posting agian and again about what they have to sell or buy,

    I have an idea to stop this, A world market
    like a shopping mall people put their items for sale and if any1 like it,he buy it. it prevent people doing spamming people. just check market what they need and buy it or sell items in market.if you are ofline but still people can buy your item there ,people set their item for the time like 2h 4h 12h 24h 2 days etc

    i know there is shops to sell item but it dont let you move that annoying just standing..... but if there is world market we can move overself and sell items at same time its a good idea i think.....

    Gm plz look at this
    most of people are teasing by other players and reporting to you
    but it takes 1 day to take actions,
    i have idea that you just appoint some players in the game , by that if xxx is teasing yyy he report the mod with the text(like we can link item he link the full conversation between xxx and yyy and see who is resonsable for that .and make people stop spamming and give warning to them,
    if they dont listen he can mute him,or just do buff losing a level or a buff that he cant move etc . but if he still dont listen he ban them for 5min, 10min etc.for a small time. and for the justice the mod have to report that whom he have punish with a pic of evidence....... by this mods dont use thier power for bad also

    this help people in the game......
    think about it plz,
    and if u are making mods then can i be first mod plz?

    4)Time problem for asia

    as we knows there many people from asia,
    but the main gold gaining event happen at night here which makes hard to get money...... for this can you plz turn event to pm and am both by that we can also do it..............

    Thanking you.........
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    Player name-KnightOwais
    server -belas chasm
    Lvl-38 now be 40+after sometime
    Guild-GodOfWar (if u want to join send inv)

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    my suggestion-

    leave comment on it if you like it

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      I like the idea of a mailing system and the world market thing sounds pretty cool... if it would work...

      The GMs have already answered why there are not times for asia and other areas. It is because their contract with the makers of this game (because R2 is not the maker of this game) states that they only have US based servers. Everyone not in the US is actually pretty lucky that you can play on our US servers. Plus their are other versions of the game that does have servers for asian and european countries.
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        OOh i see thnx for telling.......
        Player name-KnightOwais
        server -belas chasm
        Lvl-38 now be 40+after sometime
        Guild-GodOfWar (if u want to join send inv)

        My guide to get good pet and mount-

        my suggestion-

        leave comment on it if you like it


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          i see a situation happening here. having people request items to be sold and sent to them , you send it. then they decline it and you have to wait 24 hrs before you can sell the item to someone else. people would intentionally do this to people. or if the amount sent was incorrect, thats a long time to wait to cancel a order and re send it


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            I think #1, 2, and 3 are very good ideas, especially the Mailing System and the World Market... The mailing system would be much better than chatting, since you could still send mail even if the person recieving the message is offline. The World Market is a much better idea than a bunch of crowded shops in Starglade crammed together.


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              idk really cuz back in GO2 i played way back we cr8 many account to farm = get gold oil metal to build ships now. if there will be mailing system or any other trades systems. dont u think this will get abused by mulltiaccounters cuz for example Im mt.yyy and now i price mr.yyy for 1gold then acccept.= free item
              But. if its the will of r2. to have a free multi player accounters playing to encourage more ppl to play its not bad either : )) bcuz u nid to play like 15-24 hour on both of ur accounts and u will get sick in a week lol but it will get u some free items by luck if u looted an unbound items that u can use for ur main character.

              but what about some cheat is able to enter and alter the bound items to unbound would the r2 able to trace this or can r2 detects this kind of issue or mb bugs
              cuz we just have been to some crazy cheaters issue altering stats selling low price balens which means they r legit cant be ban in the game. point is
              if this mailing system gets cheat/bug on someway we dont know. then it will create another panic and the catastrophic filling ticket all over again...

              but 1 think i like is to Appoint a player to act as in-game Mods of some sort. But problem is i hope he/she wont abuse it tho.
              : )
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