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  • Ideas and Suggestions

    Events and Activities

    1. Guild Houses - Guilds now can buy houses by using gold in their reserves, they can customize it and add some extensions like training grounds and trading area.

    2. Guild to Guild duel (Death match) - Guilds can now invite the other guild to have a duel. All the members of the guild will have the name of the beaten guild as a title.(The duel will start if the invited guild accepted the invitation of the requesting guild.) (The beaten guild can reclaim their title if they won the rematch.)

    Unlimited tries - Guild Progress and Gold (depends on the bet of the requesting guild) (The gold acquired will be added in the guild reserves.)
    2 tries only - Gold, Honor, Guild Progress and Badges

    3. Guild to Guild duel (Capture and Defend Outpost) - To be able to win, the Guild will need to capture 3-4 outpost but they need to hold the outpost until the opposing guild's tickets reaches to zero. Capturing all the outpost is an instant win.
    (The Guild Master/Commander will organize the guild and the tactics. He/She has the power to send orders to the guild members, if there is member who don't want to cooperate, he/she can punish him/her by kicking him/her out of the game or reducing his/her Guild Contribution. Every Team should have 5 squads and 1 Commander. Every squad has a role in the game and it depends on the Commander if he/she wants to make that squad to capture a flag or defend a flag or attack players or protect him/her while scanning the area. If the Commander was killed, all the allies will have a buff that will severely reduce their damage and hp, it will take 8 minutes to fend off and the Commander will be able to move or give commands after 3 minutes.)

    Unlimited tries - Guild Progress and Gold (depends on the bet of the requesting guild) (The gold acquired will be added in the guild reserves.)
    1 try only - More Gold, Honor, Guild Progress and Badges than Deathmatch Rewards

    Server (Very Important!!!)

    Changeable Server - players can change server without creating a new character, they can play in any different server with the same character


    Add-ons - New Maps, New Enemies, New Designs, New Effects and Larger World
    Better graphic and texture quality

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    The changeable server part - no, horrible idea.

    There's a reason why they make characters server-bound. It's because of what could happen when high-leveled characters decide to move to that new server.

    Better graphics? We aren't the original, if you haven't noticed, yet.
    We are just a copy of the original Chinese Version.

    All these suggestions would require editing the coding of the game. Editing the coding of the game = illegal = breaking the contract for us to host servers within the United States.
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      I think these are wonderful ideas (except the changing server part) but like Brother said they cant do it because they arent the original BUT they can suggest it to the original ^^
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        The guild vs guild idea would be very much open to exploitation as people would create guilds with alts just for an easy fight to get the rewards.

        Characters changing servers has been suggested before and shot down as a terrible idea (you can search for those threads to read about all the negatives for that suggestion).
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          i really like the guild houses idea. It would make guilds a bigger deal in the game in my opinion
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