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possibly lower the xp needed for low levels?

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  • possibly lower the xp needed for low levels?

    I've been playing Crystal Saga for quite a while now, and I've wondered why it costs so much exp per level. I was wondering if there was a plan to lower the exp needed for lower levels since we raised the level cap. Or possibly increase the exp rewarded for dailys done or implement new things. I'm pretty sure most players agree that grinding for hours on end. Is there any possiblity to implement something like this?

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    Things like this will not happen. Not only possible thing is to implement new way to gain experience which are already implemented.


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      its possible to lower the exp needed per was done once already >.> though was done. modifying quest exp would be cake too o.o doesn't look that hard when it says something like addexpunit:2 or something. >.> all messing around aside, i feel leveling in this game is quite easy mythbot. this game is easier to level in than 90% of the mmorpgs out there. this game takes less than a day to level if you are active...some games can take weeks regardless of the quest amount or grind you can do in a day. some new activites for rewards would be nice o.o but the exp gain is fine as it is. best way to level...find a group of people and hunt for torches at 50+.
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