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Can not file a support ticket for armorgames server

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  • Can not file a support ticket for armorgames server

    My Little Snow Queen Fairy is still missing but i can not file a support ticket because Armorgames Server S1 is not listed in the drop down server select. I will not spend a single dime on this game until my fairy is returned.

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    Yes, you can.
    When you enter and play, please scroll down a bit and you will see Overview/Updates/Wiki,etc...
    You will also see : Forums, Support.
    Please click on Support and you will be able to submit a ticket.

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      Missing players who log in via Facebook

      Hi guys! First of all, this is MagicTofGod & your ticket system won't let me put my name in the designated spot. 2. Plz help my friend log in with his character: lvl 93, outchy on ua5 in LEAGUE OF ANGELS game, as he has been logged off for 20 hrs now & that is not normal. He is from Phillipines & works in cyber cafe every day. He got message to me that he can't log into game. Is this a Facebook issue? Plz help outchy get in game. Thanks, Deb (Guild Leader of ARCHANGELS)
      Thirdly, the new ticket system requires downloaded file. I tried, and it didn't work both with a png file and without. You have some bugs, but I need you to help me get my deputy leader back. He said he filed a trouble ticket.
      Last edited by MagicTofGod; 08-11-2015, 08:40 AM.


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        One player mentioned this method.

        1. Go to
        2. put your email id there, click on forgot password
        3. Reset your pass from the link on your email
        4. Login to with this email and the password you just set (not the login using fb, that doesn't work)
        5. Navigate to your server.
        to file a ticket