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Asking for a guide in totem exp per level please!!

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  • Asking for a guide in totem exp per level please!!

    Could someone post some thread about on leveling in totem please so i can estimate the experience for my totem , i want to estimate how much more exp do i need to level my totem into level 30 so i can upgrade it to orange

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    me to i have problem to understand how it's works.


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      you will need 2 level 30 totems of the same kind in order to upgrade it to orange


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        A level 30 Purple totem requires between 61,200 experience total. It technically needs 61,140, but since you can only get experience in multiples of 100, you have to end up 60 exp over. So to get an Orange totem you need 122,400 totem experience, plus the 3 Evolution and 5 Catalyst Stones from the totem shop.

        I started working on a spreadsheet to see if there was a 100% predictable growth pattern like Dragon Souls have, but there really isn't, so I haven't gone too far with it yet:
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          Where you find the totem?


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            Originally posted by danbostan View Post
            Where you find the totem?